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Stone in love with walls. 

Infill stone was carefully selected and hand placed in the face of the gabion gravity  retaining wall on this housing site for groundworks company Gracelands Limited.  Geolex designed, supplied and installed this 4m maximum height structure as a full package of work.  


Stage 2
Stage 3


New School of Thought. 

With available space on this site at a premium, and the need to re-use the chalk excavation arisings as engineered fill for the new earthwork terracing to form the proposed sports pitches,  Geolex were instrumental in providing a full design, supply and install package of work adopting reinforced soil slopes and modular block walls to specialist contractor S&C Slatter.

 Careful selection of the chalk, its suitability, moisture content and effects of inclement weather were key factors in the proper engineering control and compaction of the backfill zones, with minimal import of granular fill – all factors which added to the good progress made and successful end result.

Roedean excavation
Roedean Excavation work
Roedean ground work
Roedean Construction

Isle of Wight 

Off the shelf solution at this Superstore project.

Geolex were commissioned by Simons Construction to design, supply and install a 6m high reinforced soil embankment supporting the new Asda Superstore car park and access road on this site.

Work had to be carried out in stages to suit programme times and the critical events of the construction of the supermarket building. Site raised cement stabilised soil was used as suitable backfill throughout the structure which realised cost savings and environmental  gains for the client and local community.

Geolex also installed a Kingpost PC retaining structure around the petrol filling station side of the site to complete all earth retention works on this development.

Completion - Beaver Rd, Allington
Isle Of Wight new build
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 3
Stage 3

A45 Cycle Bridge 

Geolex and Geogrids

Our specialist build teams undertook contract work for Civil Engineering contractor Interserve constructing reinforced soil embankments and abutment walls to form the cycleway approaches to new overbridge on the A45 Rushden By Pass, Northamptonshire.

Split faced modular concrete blocks and both wraparound and steel faced reinforced soil systems were adopted throughout with latter forming the basis for future vegetative growth and a pleasing soft face landscaped finish.  

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 4
Stage 4
Stage 4
Stage 4

Brighton Hospital 

Slope specific GI prompted new design with cost and time benefits. 

A new building for Clinical Administration purposes was required by client, The NHS Trust. The proposed building footprint including the necessity to include for a maintenance strip on the perimeter encroaches onto an existing slope. It was therefore necessary to cut into this slope and form an earth retaining structure of typical profile 80 degrees of height up to 7m over an extent of some 80m to support the chalk insitu soils and the imposed loading from the natural incline at the crest, with existing terraced houses positioned very close to this crest. 

A report was prepared by WSP Consultant Engineers recommending a soil nailed system of earth support with reinforced concrete facing and adit drainage. 

In the area of the slope adjacent to the gas storage building the existing houses at the crest impinge within 7m of the newly formed slope and therefore more accurate determination of the insitu chalk properties along the proposed line of the new retaining wall in the form of trail pits  was needed and this was subsequently carried out by our associate engineering geologist and the resulting report and finding incorporated into our design. 

On a developed brief from Principal Contractors Galliford Try, Geolex presented a cost saving alternative with a preliminary design and details for a soil nailed earth retaining system using a mini-gabion facing with high tensile structural steel galvanised mesh and slope fin drainage, which was fully developed and met the approval of all interested parties. 

Completion - Beaver Rd, Allington
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3

Beaver Road, Allington

Housing Developer benefits from our innovative approach.

Completion - Beaver Rd, Allington

Geolex were employed by developer Baxter Homes as a specialist in retaining walls and earth retention systems to examine the existing cut slope on this site, with a view to providing a design and proposals for appropriate slope stability measures.  Gravity and traditional masonry walling was not an option due to lack of space on site, and the risk of the undermining the existing slope further.

Before proceeding the works, it was necessary to confer and obtain the approval of the Kent County Council Highways prior to issue of our design and mobilisation. 

We acted jointly with Geotechnical Consultants ESG in surveying and issuing a slope specific GI report and Topographic Survey of the bank area which supported an adoptable highway. The results of this initial survey work revealed that the cut face of the slope at Beaver Road comprised predominantly limestone Hythe beds which were considered to be self supporting, therefore needing a little or no additional support. In these areas however, it was important to address the potential for shallow failure and spalling of the rock face due to future frost action and weathering. In these areas, shallow ground anchors and rock mesh were designed and installed. On the upper section of the slope, topsoil and geocoir matting were placed with ground support anchors and the whole area hydroseeded for grass growth and protection against future surface ravelling. 

The critical mid region of ban comprised made ground where it was necessary to design and construct a more robust system using longer length and high capacity soil nails and high tensile galvanised steel mesh with topsoil panel facing which encouraged vegetative growth. 

All works were carried out on a fully indemnified Design, Supply and Construct package of work. 

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4

Sainsbury's PFS, Sheffield

Sainsbury’s Checkout

Geolex were called in by Peter Dann Consulting Engineers to inspect, report and provide recommendations for stabilising an existing mudstone and shale slope adjacent to a petrol filling station in the heart of Sheffield.

Although there were no deep seated slip failure mechanisms at work, important consideration had to be given to the prevention of further spalling of the face of this slope through weathering and frost action.

So shallow soil nails and high tensile rock mesh were proposed and accepted by the client through Principal Contractor Lynx Forecourt Limited.

Geolex adopted glass fibre nail components to design out any risk associated with the potential of sparking and fire hazard during installation.

Access was limited both in time and space available as the existing premises had to remain open and serviceable to Sainsbury’s customers throughout the duration of the works on site.

Stablisation project n Sheffield
Before we stablised the slope
The finished stabilised slope

Torbay Road, Coventry

Torbay or not Torbay

That was the question. Or more specifically, how to arrest the movement of an existing brickwork boundary retaining wall affected by years of seasonal movement and groundwater pore pressures.

Answer: Drain the wall with weepholes and land drainage systems and anchor the structure back into competent ground with the installation of friction anchors.

An existing domestic back garden environment with only footpath access and existing services determined a measured and well planned direction to these works, in order that zero risk Health and Safety Management was realised. Full consultation with all services bodies and local authority combined with on site continuous inspections underpinned this approach.

The design of the ground anchors and drainage was determined by firstly carrying out a slope specific ground investigation and topographic survey with soil parameters established through inspection on site and laboratory testing.

Our private client was very pleased with our no nonsense but detailed and thorough approach, led by effective geotechnical design with minimum disruption and disturbance on site.

Work on retaining wall underway
Old wall
Retaining wall in Coventry