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Reliable Rock Anchors Constructed Across Bromley


Rock AnchorsWe specialise in the design and construction of rock anchors to safely and effectively stabilise tunnels, embankments, dams and cliff faces across Bromley and the South East. 

Working across Bromley, Kent, London and the rest of the UK, we design, construct and install safe, cost effective, durable and reliable rock anchors for use on any structure or feature. 

Ideal for when load carrying capacity is of the utmost consideration, our specialist rock anchors are some of the most versatile solutions to suit very specific geological conditions. So whatever your requirements and no matter where you are based across Bromley and the South East, we will have the perfect solution to suit. So call our experienced team today on 08081 786 574 for a no obligation quotation at your convenience. 

Rock fall causing a problem? We've got the solution

Operating throughout Kent and the South East, including Bromley, we typically use strands and steel anchor bars for all our rock anchor projects, directly drilling holes into the face of the slope that is being retained. These anchors will be drilled deep into the soil and rock behind it. In addition to installing the anchor and grouting the annulus, we will also add a face plate, pulled tight to the surface by increased tension on the steel anchor.  

Additional facing can be added as necessary and rock anchors are very quickly and easily installed in multiple rows so the method can be easily adapted to cope with incredibly high loads.

Rock anchors offer full versatility in use

Used across Bromley, Kent and London, our rock anchors are designed to assist in the retention and stabilisation of natural features and slopes and are often utilised in tunneling, rail and highway cuttings and major excavations. If needed, they can also be used to increase the stability of large dams, used as additional support for typical gravity walls or to create tiebacks for bridges. 

Ground stabilised using anchorsCombine it with full ground stabilisation

The majority of the time, rock anchors are just one part of a comprehensive range of piling, ground stabilisation and retaining structure works that construction areas and building sites will require. Able to be perfectly integrated with our underpinning, piling, retaining walls or soil reinforcement services, we design, supply and apply the most practical, cost effective and simplest ground engineering solutions.  

Following a detailed consultation and design process, we design and construct systems to provide simple, cost effective and practical solutions to every retaining and stabilisation challenge.  So contact us today to discuss your requirements and arrange your no obligation quotation with one of our friendly team.