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Green Walls


A green wall systemGeolex are an approved designer and project manager of Green Walls systems.

This flexible modular living wall solution includes a complete hydroponic system and an ongoing maintenance scheme.

Flexible – Sustainable - Transformational

Transform your existing wall with a living wall. The system is adaptable to almost any vertical surface and offers little or no maintenance with a patented hydroponic system and maintenance schedules.

Our Green Wall system

The plants root into a vertical structural support as opposed to the ground and then receive water and nutrients automatically.

Green wall hydroponic systemVertical living wallGreen wall design

Precision Growing

Because of the patented hydroponic system you benefit from the highest possible levels of precision growing that other systems cannot achieve.

Vertical Support

Sometimes known as living walls our system is a self sufficient garden using the patented hydroponic system to create a breathtaking wall that is both resilient and sustainable. They are attached to a frame or to the vertical wall itself as appropriate.

Resilience and Sustainability

Other simpler systems support pots some use capillary mats and others use modular panel systems. We use a panel based system that is proven to offer more resilience and sustainability than simpler systems.

Benefits of our system

The ability to pre-grow off site, faster installation times, instant visual impact on construction and a greater resistance and sustainability.

The process

We agree the initial design, plant panels in the nursery until grown to required size, first fix irrigation system, and add panels for final fix.

Want to learn more?

Contact us to ascertain suitability and receive a firm quotation. Call 08081 768 574 or complete the short enquiries form on the contact us page and we will contact you to arrange a suitable time for us to visit you.