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Specialist Rock Anchor Installations Across Maidstone


Rock Anchors Constructed at Maidstone SiteOur rock anchors are an ideal stabilising solution for a range of applications, from embankments and tunnels to cliffs and dams.

We offer expertise in designing, constructing and applying rock anchors all over the UK, each one crafted to be cost-effective and reliable. Our anchors guarantee safety and can be used on any cliff face, dam or embankment.

When load capacity is a key factor, our rock anchors are amongst the most adaptable options to cater to specific geologic conditions. No matter your needs, we will have an answer that is right for you. Don't hesitate to get in contact with our knowledgeable staff now on 08081 786 574 for a complimentary quote at any time.

Need the solution to a rock fall?

In our rock anchor projects across Maidstone, we drill deep into the soil and rock behind the surface of the slope being retained. We use strands and steel anchor bars for this purpose and add a face plate for extra tension, tightened to the facade via increased strain on the steel anchor. 

Extra facing may be necessary and rock anchors can be put in several rows, adapting the technique to accommodate high loads.

Rock anchors offer versatile stabililty solutions

In Maidstone, our rock anchors provide stability and retention to slopes, excavations, highway and railway cuttings, bridgeworks, gravity walls and large dams. They are invaluable in adding extra support that ensures a secure construction.

Ground stabilised using anchorsGround stabilisation services

Rock anchors are just one feature of a number of ground stabilisation, piling and retaining structure projects construction areas and building sites may require. We provide the simplest, most cost-efficient engineering solutions to complement our soil reinforcement, piling, retaining walls or underpinning services.

After fully considering and designing, we build systems that offer straightforward, affordable and useful solutions to any retaining and stabilisation issue. Get in touch today to discuss your needs and receive a free estimate from one of our team members.