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Quality Assurance


It is Geolex’s policy to provide client satisfaction by operating at all times within our corporate internal quality management system which is geared to ISO 9001 compliance.

Quality AssuranceOur administration system designates management controls in order to assure conformance of the materials or services required under contracts.

The company offers varying levels of service commensurate with the client requirements. Our quality assurance programme demonstrates effective management of the construction process by maintaining appropriate contract documentation and providing the client with all necessary testing, inspection and lifetime records.

Alternatively, the Company’s system can operate within a client’s quality programme where testing and inspections are carried out directly by their representatives.

We consider that the operation of our quality assurance programme is in the best interest of all clients and reinforces our commitment to continuous quality improvement from all our employees in all aspects of our processes and believe that the key elements essential in achieving our objectives are the provision of highly skilled and professional personnel, the right materials, equipment, clearly defined methods of working and continual communication and the promotion of quality throughout the company with sustainability at the core.

Each project is assessed separately on its own merits and minimum standards set, meeting customer expectations on the quality of its services supplied, including any cost and time constraints applied. To ensure the continuity of high standards of service the company aims to form working partnerships with its clients and principal contractors and other professional associates where necessary to ensure a full and complete package of works that maintains the high levels of quality expected.

The company is committed to continuous improvement and recognises that the development, recognition and effective man management of its staff and associates at all levels within the organisation is key to this achievement.