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Gabions Supplied To Projects Across Guildford


Crafted from galvanised steel, our rock gabions and wire mesh boxes are built to last, boasting incredible durability and corrosion protection for projects across Guildford and Surrey.

Our rock gabions are made from a combination of stone, topsoil or rough cut quarried stone, so you can be guaranteed that they are built to the highest quality standards, not to mention our wire mesh boxes too! They will provide an extremely effective way of promoting vegetative growth, dependent on the individual landscaping requirements of your Guildford project. 

Designed, supplied and installed for clients throughout Guildford and Surrey, our mesh walls and rock gabions are the most affordable and durable options on the market and are also beneficial as a way of creating a retaining wall that is absolutely stunning. Integrated with a high quality containment systems that uses both mesh cages and rough stonework, our mesh walls and gabions are perfect in stream bank situations, where erosion is a pivotal factor. 

To discuss the requirements of your gabions and wire mesh boxes, get in touch with the professionals at Geolex today on 01795 597571 or via our contact form.

How will your rock gabions stop erosion on my Guildford  property?

  • Incredible versatility and flexibility - the functionality and flexibility of the baskets and the rocks they contain allows for small movements as the ground below shifts
  • Strong bases - this prevents them from being dragged away during heavy downpours or even by vandals
  • Maintain a low groundwater level - by utilising rock gabions, you can ensure a structured and constant flow of water through the structure
  • Reduce erosion  - the rocks in our wire mesh boxes and gabions help to reduce the strength and velocity of running water by efficiently dissipating its energy and reducing erosion at the same time
  • Easy handling and transportation - you can reduce the time taken to build the rock gabions thanks to the easy and simple handling and transportation of the gabions and mesh boxes
  • Continual reinforcement of the wall - As time goes by, any gaps between the rocks in the gabions or mesh boxes will be filled by vegetation and silt which helps to further reinforce the durability and strength of the wall

First class supply and installation of rock gabions across Surrey and Guildford

Being one of the UK's leading ground engineering and slope stabilisation specialists, we work throughout Guildford and Surrey; providing industrial and commercial clients with the most effective rock gabions and wire mesh boxes. Get in touch with Geolex to discuss your requirements today on 01795 597571 or alternatively, by filling out our contact form