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Specialists in Sturdy, Reliable and Safe Contiguous Piles


Contiguous piles in placeContiguous piles are a highly effective method of creating a retaining wall before excavations even begin.

An ideal solution for earth retention where existing structures are close to site boundaries and excavations where ground water is present, piled walls and contiguous piles create a temporary or permanent retaining structure enabling safe excavation to take place after installation of the piles.

We specialise in the provision of high quality contiguous piles to clients across London and the UK. So call our experienced and knowledgeable team today on 08081 786 574 to arrange your no obligation contiguous piling quotation at your convenience. 

Temporary or permanent and easily covered

Piled walls can use continuous flight auger methods to create closely spaced and reinforced concrete and contiguous piles. Brick or masonry facing can be applied once the piles have cured and excavation has taken place to complete the finished structure.

Ideal for loose geology and water bearing strata

Contiguous piles are a cost effective and practical solution when dealing with problems such as ground water or very loose strata; they were one of the engineering solutions employed in New Orleans cleaning up after Hurricane Katrina.

Contiguous piles offer incredible versatility in construction

We offer many piled retaining wall solutions, including contiguous piles, enabling us to always find a cost effective option. Whichever way the structure is formed the contiguous piles can be designed and installed as fixed cantilevers or to work with additional support from props or ground anchors as appropriate.

Specialist contiguous piles from an expert team

Our contiguous piles and piled walls are created using CFA or rotary bored piling; a technique we have many years of experience in and can apply alongside other ground engineering requirements including traditional retaining walls, ground stabilisation and general piling requirements.

As one of the UK's leading ground engineering and earth retaining structures specialists, we operate throughout Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Leeds, London, Wolverhampton and the rest of the wider UK, providing the highest quality installations of effective, safe and reliable contiguous piles.