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The UK's Experts in Ground Engineering


Working across the whole of the UK, we offer affordable, efficient and first class retaining structure, earth retention and ground engineering services for industrial and commercial clients throughout the region.  

Perfect for a wide variety of applications across the whole of the UK, our modern, safe and efficient retaining walls and structures provide not only an aesthetically pleasing environment but also full structural confidence at the same time. They are also able to be combined with other construction processes to suit a wide variety of site requirements and ground conditions. 

Ideal when dovetailed with other forms of ground stabilisation and piling services to form a comprehensive package of work, our retaining structure, earth retention and ground engineering options are methodically applied by our dedicated, experienced and highly skilled civil engineering team. As such, we specialise in maximising your potential developable space, paying incredibly close attention to sustainability and long-term durability in every one of our UK retaining wall projects. 

So if you're based anywhere across the UK, call the leading ground engineering and retaining wall company today on 08081 786 574 to arrange your no obligation quotation at your convenience.

A wide range of retaining structure options available

As one of the UK's leading retaining structure and ground engineering specialists, we specialise in offering a multitude of different specialist services, providing everything from gravity walls and retaining structures to gabion mesh walls and reinforced soil walls. Our full range of services includes:

Gravity Walls

Constructed from either timber, precast facings, concrete cribs, masonry units or mortarless stone, our gravity walls are some of the most effective and traditional retaining walls on the market today. Relying on gravity and a 'batter' setback that leans the structure into the soil to be retained, our gravity walls are suitable for a variety of applications and filled with free draining stone before being further supplemented and strengthened by installations like soil nailing.  

Gabion Mesh Walls

There is no better way of promoting vegetative growth than by having a gabion mesh wall erected. Made out of wire mesh boxes that are filled with rough cut quarried stone and made from a combination of topsoil and stone, our mesh walls and rock gabions are designed with structural confidence and durability in mind. In fact, they are absolutely ideal where erosion in stream bank situations is a major consideration. The rough stonework and mesh cages combine to form a containment system where the horizontal component of the self weight of the filled rock gabions act against overturning and shear forces. 

Crib Walls

Designed and manufactured to effectively wrap around and accommodate the interesting and unique curvature of the surrounding landscape, our crib walls provide reliable, safe and effective support at all times. One of the most efficient and simplest ways of stabilising slopes, crib walls are some of the oldest gravity wall systems.  

Reinforced Soil Walls

One of the most viable alternatives to the more traditional retaining wall options on the market, our reinforced soil walls offer, in many cases, substantial savings in both construction time and system cost and offer incredible versatility. Thanks to our decades of experience, we are specialists in the design and installation of high quality reinforced concrete structures and earth wall systems. Our reinforced soil walls utilise a highly effective combination of soil reinforcement geogrids that are securely connected to dry laid concrete modular facing blocks and other facing units.    

So if you're based anywhere else across the UK, and require high quality, durable and attractive earth retaining structures or slope stabilisation options, speak to the experts at Geolex. Call us today on 08081 786 574 to arrange your no obligation quotation at your convenience.

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