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Driven Case, Bored & CFA


Piling in progressOur pilings services provide solutions for every type of ground and slope stabilisation or deep foundations ground engineering project. Typically we provide CFA, bored and driven precast piles as outlined below, but our team also bring considerable experience in mini piling and contiguous piling techniques for sites with very restricted access

CFA and augercast piling

Created by drilling a hollow continuous flight auger into the ground and filling it with concrete, then removing the auger and adding reinforcement cages as required, CFA and augercast piles cause minimal disturbance and so are an ideal approach for noise or environmentally sensitive sites.

Bored piles

Rotary boring techniques are used to create the larger diameter piles even through dense or hard soils. Reaching through to the hard rock layer through dry or wet and waterlogged soils the drill holes are filled with concrete and reinforced as required. Expertly installed bored piles can take very heavy loads on difficult ground and are ideal on major construction projects.

Driven case precast piles

Utilising a pile driver, pre-fabricated piles are simply driven into the ground and are manufactured from materials such as timber, pre-stressed concrete with rebar reinforcement or structural steel sections and driven casings for end bearing or skin friction load bearing capacity.