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Flexible Yet Naturally Beautiful Reinforced Soil Slopes


A large reinforced soil slope

Where there is room and site conditions dictate, reinforced slopes will often provide a more cost effective solution when compared to a retaining wall with benefits of planting and landscaping the immediate environment which will blend in with a green permanent landscape.

During our UK reinforced soil slope installation projects, we ensure that excavation and removal of spoil from the site is kept to an absolute minimum. Quite often, soil improvement in the form of lime stabilisation, can be applied to reduce the carbon footprint while construction is carried out and also provide the means for an environmentally positive and sustainable outcome.

In addition, this is also compatible with the maintenance of the natural beauty of parkland, landscaped gardens or a protected green environment.  

We have a portfolio of successfully constructed reinforced slopes for all our commercial and industrial customers throughout the UK. Contact us to arrange your free and no obligation quotation at your convenience. 

Natural Green reinforced slopes

An enhancement to the natural environment, where retaining wall structures would either be too imposing or unsightly, reinforced soil slopes offer a landscaped alternative encouraging vegetative growth and a less overwhelming aspect. Within months, grasses and mosses grow through the synthetic mesh facing creating a fully planted out bank which gives the long term betterment of disappearing seamlessly into the environment.

These high quality systems are naturally a popular choice across the UK for earth retention due to their flexibility and cost effectiveness. This type of retaining system is especially economic where there is scope and space for design and installation on site.

Reinforced soil slopes with ground reinforcement can be just one part of a complete package of services we supply to major construction sites across the UK; at Geolex you can also find specialist piling, retaining walls and a range of other ground stabilisation techniques expertly applied to even the most challenging ground conditions.

Working for building companies, commercial clients and contractors across Kent, London, Surrey, Sussex and the rest of the UK, including Ashford, we provide the complete reinforced soil slopes and ground engineering service.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements with one of our dedicated, time served and helpful ground engineering team.