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Earth Retention Services Across the UK


Earth RetentionGeolex provides proven, reliable and effective earth retention and retaining wall solutions

With decades of ground engineering and retaining walls experience and expertise behind us, we offer completely unbiased consultative and project management advice and believe the most appropriate and cost effective ground engineering solutions are born from professional design, a progressive health and safety and quality assurance culture, underpinned by the practicalities of construction.

Fast, competent and safe excavation

All of our earth retention systems address both temporary and permanent conditions taking into account ultimate and serviceability design limit states often combining ground water drainage requirements with appropriate structural support.

Safe and reliable methods of working

We are committed to providing the best possible conditions where works are carried out safely with high levels of welfare and care for all workers on site. We expect and encourage co-operation from our entire workforce within a no blame culture on all the sites and promote  good practice in our methods of working and management limitation of risks throughout every site.

Suitable for restricted access

Professionally managed earth retention systems provide an effective, efficient and cost effective solution to a diverse range of geological challenges. Earth retention structures designed and installed by this means will stabilise slopes and embankments and, in the extreme, create deep seated stability where ground conditions become onerous. Each solution will be bespoke.

The complete earth retention service

Working across London, Surrey, Kent, Sussex and the rest of the UK, we specialise in the construction and use of a wide variety of slope stabilisation and earth retaining wall systems, including:

  • Ground Anchors
  • Soil Nailing
  • Augered and CFA piles
  • Gravity Retaining Structures
  • Reinforced Soil Walls and Slopes

As the UK's leading earth retention company, we boast considerable experience and expertise in the safe and responsible construction of earth retention systems. We have successfully completed a number of challenging and unique projects for some of the biggest contractors across Surrey, Kent, London, Sussex, Wolverhampton and the rest of the UK and take pride in our results demonstrating our position as specialist market leaders in construction lead earth retention and ground engineering solutions.