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Retaining Structures


Contemporary retaining walls can not only provide structural confidence – they can also provide an aesthetically pleasing environment and can amalgamate other interfacing construction processes and accommodate a variety of ground conditions and site requirements.

Working throughout Kent, Sussex, London, Surrey and the rest of the wider UK, our earth retention systems are methodically applied by our civil engineering design team and can be resolved to dovetail with other forms of ground stabilisation, soil nailing and piling services to form a complete indemnified package of work whilst maximising developable space with safety and long term durability and sustainability to the fore.

We offer a range of slope stabilisation services; providing everything from gravity walls and gabion mesh walls to reinforced soil slopes and retaining structures. Our full range of ground engineering, soil nailing, rock anchor and slope stabilisation solutions includes:

gravity wall

Gravity Walls

Our gravity walls offer incredible strength, support and an effective way of stabilising slopes. One of the most classic options on the market, our gravity walls rely on a batter setback that leans the structure into the soil that needs to be stabilised. Friction will then take care of the rest! These retaining and gravity walls are able to be made from either geosynthetics, masonry units, timber, concrete crib or mortarless stone and can even be constructed with precast facings or concrete cells that are then filled with free draining stone. Gravity walls can also be supplemented and further strengthened by installations such as soil nailing.

Crib walls are one of the oldest gravity wall systems. Designed and manufactured to wrap around and accommodate unique curvature of the surrounding landscape, crib walls are a very simple yet effective way of stabilising slopes and providing reliable support.

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cantilevered wall

Reinforced soil walls

In many instances, reinforced soil walls and reinforced soil structures are the most viable and cost effective alternative to other more traditional retaining wall options. Our reinforced soil walls offer substantial savings in both system cost and construction time and are some of the most versatile options around, making them ideal for a wide range of applications across the UK. As one of the UK's leading ground engineering companies, we specialise in the design and construction of a variety of reinforced soilwall systems that utilise a secure combination of soil reinforcement geogrids.

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Gabion wall

Gabion Mesh Walls

Our rock gabions and wire mesh boxes are made from either a combination of topsoil and stone or rough cut quarried stone. Ideal for promoting vegetative growth dependent upon the individual landscaping requirements, our gabion mesh walls are highly durable and sturdy. Featuring a containment system made by combining the mesh cages and rough stonework, the mesh walls are perfect in stream bank situations where erosion is a major factor.

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Retaining structures

Retaining Structures Expertise

Tackling unique and challenging ground engineering projects provides us with the opportunity to demonstrate our adroitness and the proficiency we have gained in this specialist market and put them to practical use through a variety of resourceful and cost effective earth retaining wall installations, including gravity and tie-back walls, reinforced soil, masonry and soil nailing.

Working across Kent, Ashford, London and the rest of the UK, we specialise in the provision of high quality, safe and reliable slope stabilisation solutions and contiguous piles, so whatever your requirements, our retaining walls or structures will provide a cost effective, reputable and warranted installation.