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Ashford's Soil Nailing Experts


Soil NailingAvoid having an unstable natural soil slope; utilise our highly effective and affordable soil nailing solutions.

There is no more reliable or cost effective solution for unstable natural soil slopes than soil nailing. In fact, it will open up a number of earth retention and slope stabilisation options throughout Ashford and Kent thanks to the strength and durability of the steel reinforced bars that we use. 

Perfect for unstable cutting slopes and able to support clayey soils in both the temporary and permanent condition, soil nailing can be used during any commercial or industrial project. So if you're based in Ashford, Kent or anywhere else across the UK, look no further for high quality, reliable, safe and durable soil nailing solutions. 

How does soil nailing work?

During the soil nailing process, high yield steel bars are installed into pre-drilled holes and grouted in place without tensioning but instead applying the benefits of friction between the soil nail annulus and the embedded geology, giving a simple, quick and cost effective stabilising and retaining structure. 

New BuildsPerfect for new installations or remedial works

Highly simple and yet incredibly effective, soil nailing is an ideal option for current construction works and new builds across Ashford and Kent, as well as where land slips are likely to occur, or already have, and for strengthening existing retaining walls that have partially failed or displaced. 

ReinforcementFlexibility in strength

We will determine the exact method of installation, gauge and spacing of facings and steel reinforcement during the main design stage. These facings are available in either highly flexible timber crib walling or rigid spray applied shotcrete, meaning everything can be tailored to suit your requirements. We will design a perfect soil nailing solution that will fit soil strength and aesthetic requirements, limiting costs and simplifying engineering design and installation. 

Reinforced SoilSoil nailing is ideal in natural environments

Soil nailing works best in cohesive ground and is optimal for retaining natural slopes in landscaped settings and for strengthening existing retaining walls or in cutting situations perhaps adjacent to roads and railway lines.

Highly adaptable and dexterous, soil nailing can be utilised as a stand alone reinforced soil solution or in conjunction with retaining walls or slope facing systems. More robust techniques, such as ground anchors or Piling, are also possible as ground and imposed loading conditions dictate.

So contact us today to discuss your requirements with one of our experienced and dedicated soil nailing and ground engineering team.