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London's Ground Stabilisation Experts


Working across the South East, including London, we specialise in providing private and commercial clients with the very best in safe, reliable and professional ground stabilisation solutions.  

When it comes to every ground stabilisation project in London, or indeed anywhere else across the whole of the UK, we work with safety and attention to detail in mind at all times. We will look at all the geotechnical considerations and implications in full detail to accurately and efficiently determine the soil failure mechanisms at work. Then, and only then, will we carefully plan, design and engineer a ground stabilisation system that can perform with full confidence and provide effective slope stabilisation and earth retention at all times. 

Providing a truly bespoke, customisable and tailor made ground stabilisation solution that will be entirely tailored around your specific requirements, we are London's first choice when it comes to retaining walls, ground anchors, soil slopes, soil nailing and reinforced soil walls. So call us today on 08081 786 574 to arrange your no obligation quotation at your convenience. 

Working across London and the South East, we specialise in providing an extensive range of retaining structure, slope stabilisation, ground engineering and ground stabilisation services. Our full range of solutions includes:

Reinforced Soil Slopes

We utilise completely natural, landscaped and sloping structures with specialist geogrid polymer reinforcement as an economic and aesthetic alternative to the more conventional retaining walls. Designed and applied to perfectly and naturally blend in with the native terrain and landscape, our reinforced soil slopes are ideal for use in a variety of different locations and environments and are one of the most effective and reliable ways of providing comprehensive earth retention. Where possible, they utilise site-raised bulk earth work materials to avoid the importing of granular quarry fill.

Soil Nailing

Designed, supplied and installed by our dedicated, professional and highly skilled ground stabilisation experts, soil nailing is just one of our specialist ground stabilisation and engineering options. Created by reinforcing the existing ground and soil through the installation of closely spaced steel bars that are then grouted into a slope or excavation by top down methods, our soil nailing system is an ideal option for a variety of different ground stabilisation projects across London and the South East. This method is one of the most effective ways of creating a reinforced soil section that is reliable and completely stable beyond its natural angle of repose. 

Ground Anchors

One of the most frequently used ground stabilisation techniques is that of ground anchors. Offering comprehensive, safe and reliable structural stability and support, our ground anchors are created from pre-stressed, steel bar or cement-grouted tendons and are drilled into the in-situ soil to strengthen and assist proposed or existing retaining structures.  

Specialist Design Led Solutions

As one of London's leading ground engineering and stabilisation specialists, we offer extensive design led solutions that guarantee incredible results every single time. So whatever the unique demands of your construction project and no matter how complex the design needs, we will provide a highly effective solution.   

During our decades in the industry, we have completed a wide variety of slope stabilisation and ground engineering projects for clients across London and the South East. If you would like any more information about any of our slope stabilisation techniques or services, contact us today